Welcome to my site. This is a collection of my ideas, experiences and work.

My interests mirror my enthusiasm for innovation and fresh approaches to established ideas. I have built a considerable portfolio of projects in commercial and public communications. I have never been afraid to put my money where his mouth is and help create the big brands of tomorrow. My mind lives on the edge and I enjoy seeing small businesses succeed.

As I have contributed to changing the world, I too have changed: I  joined the slow movement and am on a quest to simplify my life; I traded my very smart phone for a simpler one without internet access; I re-discovered that I am very fortunate to have friends and family who continually displayed huge amounts of commitment and love, and the capacity or ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things; I am more patient; I plan more, and finally, I realise that purpose should come before product.

So if you have any  ideas or if you just want to say ‘hello’ or talk about advertising, then please go right ahead and send me an email. Kindest regards and I look forward to hearing from you.

Email: ideas@sachikonye.com

TBWA, Zimbabwe
A Television, UK
DDB Iris, Zambia
Corporate Graphics, Malawi
ONE Marketing Communications, UK
BrandVision, Uganda